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At LA Design Build we understand how important the look of your home is.  Our dedicated teams of in-house designers and builders are experts in the field of exterior renovation.  They will work with you to transform the outside of your home into one that reflects the unique, personal style of its interior.

We specialize in all types of exterior renovation.  Our certified crews can install classic stucco siding in a variety of colors to achieve that definitive southern California look.  We employ professional painters whose incredible attention to detail will have your home looking the best it possibly can.  At LA Design Build we are also experts in roof replacement, new windows, and beautiful doors and entryways.  Every detail is considered, from decorative stonework to wrought iron gates.  Choose LA Design Build to elevate your curb appeal and create the exterior you’ve always dreamed of.


At LA Design Build, our certified and professional teams will walk you through the entire process of renovating the exterior of your home.  We will provide you with updated progress reports and daily check-ins to keep you completely informed.  When you choose us, not only will you create a beautiful home, but you will increase its curb appeal and resale value.

  • Roof Replacment
  • Window/Door Replacment
  • Stucco Renovation
  • Exterior Hardscapet
  • Iron gate entry
  • Railing/Balcony Railing


  • How will I know what the end result will look like?

    Our design team will come to your home and consult with you.  They will then create a 3D rendering of the completed project to help you choose colors and styles.

  • How long will painting the entire house take?

    In most cases, once colors are chosen, a house can be painted within 1-2 weeks.  For more involved renovations, such as stucco or siding, the project can be completed within 3-4 weeks.

  • What kinds of paints do you use?

    We use only the best quality paints and finishes to ensure the end product not only looks amazing, but lasts for years.

  • How does a roof renovation work?

    Our team of certified roofers will first come to your home and examine the condition of the existing roof.  They will then make professional recommendations based on your particular case.  In some instances, small repairs or cleaning may be all that is needed.  We will then work with you to create a plan that best suits your needs and budget.


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