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No kitchen remodel is complete without new countertops.  Our certified craftsmen and installers can create a custom look that fits seamlessly within the design of your entire home.

We offer a large selection of countertops and full-size slabs for your kitchen and bathroom projects.  These include natural stone such as granite, marble, travertine, slate, onyx, limestone, and quartzite.  We also have a vast selection of beautiful pre-fabricated countertops that are ready to be assembled.

With something to suit every taste, from the ultra-modern to the classically traditional, we can add that finishing touch to make your kitchen and bathroom dreams a reality.

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We have certified installers in-house for each type of natural or man-made stone.  We can begin renovations as early as three days following the demolition of pre-existing countertops.  We pride ourselves on specializing in both slab remodel and new installation.

  • Granite Countertop
  • Marble Countertop
  • Travertine Countertop
  • Onyx Countertop
  • Prefabricated Countertop
  • Quartz Countertop


  • What is quartz or Quartzite?

    Natural quartz surface is made from an optimal fusion of quartz and resin.  It is incredibly durable and once treated and pressed, is one of nature’s hardest minerals.  With a subtle and refined look, it is truly a beautiful choice.

  • Does Quartz require sealing or any treatment?

    Quartz does not require sealing or polishing.  You can keep your countertop clean by simply wiping with a mixture of warm water and a mild detergent such as Windex.

  • How does natural stone compare to solid surface or other engineered stone?

    Natural stone is elegant and durable.  Each piece has a unique design that distinguishes it as one-of-a-kind.  Manufactured stone products are made with epoxy or resin and colored with pigments.  These products have the look of natural stone and are just as durable.  They come in many colors and designs and can work with any taste.

  • What is the recovering value of the renovation cost ?

    Homeowners who remodel can recover the following percentages of their costs at resale:

    Note: upscale projects include stone

    Bathroom remodel-upscale: 92.6%

    Bathroom addition-upscale: 84.3%

    Kitchen remodel-upscale: 79.6%


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